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мкр. Геолог 13


мкр. Геолог 13
Адрес: мкр. Геолог 13
Год постройки: 1995 г.
Обслуживаемая площадь: 1377,9
Квартир: 30
Этажность: 5
Количество зарегистрированных: 53

Общая характеристика многоквартирного дома мкр.Геолог,13.
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Информация об использовании средств собранных собственниками за январь -декабрь 2015г.
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Паспорт готовности домов 2015-2016г..
Скачать:Geolog13.xlsx [15,86 Kb] (cкачиваний: 4)

План ремонтных работ на 2015г.
Скачать:Geolog-13.xls [22,5 Kb] (cкачиваний: 6)

Перечень выполненных работ по подготовке к ОЗП 2015-2016 г.
Мкр. Геолог, 13
Проведены гидравлические испытания системы центрального отопления 14. 07. 2015 г. В июле 2015 г. произведен ремонт 12 м конька крыши, обшито профнастилом 58 м цоколя.

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real swords (27.06.17)
It was very good.
real swords http://www.bestswords.club/Naginata-c13675/

Tsuka (28.06.17)
These are great for my Filipino martial art classes. Strong construction, but light enough to use all night.
Tsuka http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuka-c13678/

I've placed 5 orders so far with these guys. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED ! Inexpensive knives and swords do not always have to be cheap. I was thrilled when I opened the heavy tubes containing my purcheses. The quality and price tend to lean more to quality. That is something you never seem to get anymore. Their customer service is as good as their products.
samurai swords http://www.bestswords.club/1095-Steel-Katana-c13670/

I really felt like I was taking a flyer, buying this sword from this site
Tsuba http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuba-c13677/

Unbreakable. I was going to get another. Whoever is selling them now felt inclined to substantially raise the price! I bought this Bokken around 20 dollar range. Its now 70 dollars!!! Great Bokken but BUYER BEWARE at this price, its a SCAM!!!!
katana bags http://www.bestswords.club/Swords-Bags-c13680/

beautiful sword. was NOT customized as per my request(they could have just said no, i still would have bought it), but whatever, i'll just buy more swords(probably not from this seller, tho). it is still a fine addition to my collection. on par with other swords in this price range, but barely. hamon appears to be real, as far as i can tell. beautiful, shiny finish, almost flawless. unique saya and tsuba. i got the sword in the pics and i am happy with it. it makes a LOUD chopping noise, which is very cool, but i think i would have preferred it without bo-hi, as i am more interested in devastating damage than sounding cool. i do not think this one will be getting much use in the bamboo grove.
katana samurai sword http://www.bestswords.club/

Japanese Tsuka (29.06.17)
After reading the reviews and answers from other people, I placed an order to this katana nd I have to say, it is a really well made katana.
Japanese Tsuka http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuka-c13678/

Excellent better than I expected. SHARP!!! Great deal!!! It came faster than I expected and looks great Can beat for the price. I'll be looking for another one from these guys.
japanese weapons http://www.bestswords.club/1060-Steel-Katana-c13671/

katana sword for sale http://www.bestswords.club/

This product was way over my expectations!!! The work that went into this sword was amazing, each detail is so awesome. This was a gift for my husband, and he was thrilled with it. Thank you so much
ture katanas for sale http://www.bestswords.club/

Very fast shipping. Wonderful packed. Very nice quality craftsmanship wonderful addition to my sword collection
handmade samurai swords http://www.bestswords.club/Folded-Steel-Katana-c13672/

The weapon came in a box within a box, I assume as part of the transfer from UPS to the USPS. There was no paperwork, only the manufacturers markings on the inner box. The weapon was flawless, and with a heavy coating of foundry grease on the blade.
real swords http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuba-c13677/

great craftsmanship. this sword arrived sharp and well packaged.
real sword http://www.bestswords.club/Saya-c13679/

Very beautiful sword
katana sword for sale http://www.bestswords.club/

real sword (30.06.17)
Great value for a T10 sword and excellent customer service!
real sword http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuba-c13677/

this is a good quality sword for practicing but a fraction of the cost of a Japanese sword. Beware the blade is extremely sharp and highly recommend the maintenance kit as the sword needs to be cleaned and oiled every time you use it and at least monthly if just displayed.
real sword http://www.bestswords.club/Ninja-c13673/

Naginata (03.07.17)
Great Katana sword at a great price! Very beautiful, pre-sharpened, just a work of art at this price! No doubt there are many better swords out there at hundreds, even thousands more, but for the price I could not be happier! Nicely balanced, solid, and sharp both in looks and to the touch. Very good description of the sword on Amazon, shipping time was very fast, and it was packaged very well. This is a company doing it right!
Naginata http://www.bestkatana.com/Naginata-c13955/

WOW. Awsome item and very sharp
real sword http://www.bestswords.club/Nodachi-c13779/

japanese samurai (04.07.17)
My son loves to collect these, we gave it to him for Xmas and he loves it. Of course we do control when and how he handles it. He shows it off to all his friends. Great addition to his collection
japanese samurai http://www.bestswords.club/Folded-Steel-Katana-c13672/

Japanese Tsuka (19.07.17)
Awesome love it ..thank you so much ...
Japanese Tsuka http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuka-c13678/

Wakizashi Sword (26.07.17)
Excellent for practicing forms, katas, and stances. Very Durable, reasonable price. Very satisfied.
Wakizashi Sword http://www.bestswords.club/Wakizashi-c13681/

AHHHH I LOVE IT!!!! Very Beautiful and arrived 2-3 weeks earlier then expected. Will definitely buy again
Nodachi http://www.bestkatana.com/Nodachi-c13956/

Thesaurus beautiful very sharp only complaint as in the picture it shows a dark place with the silver tip the entire blade is silver I think they lied at it that way to show the folding marks besides that a great Buy
katana swords for sale http://www.handmadesamurai.com/SAKABATO-Swords-c13150/

katana Sword (31.07.17)
Top notch product several cutting test and not even so much as a scratch on the blade nor any issues cutting. Product is exactly as it is suppose to be does come with a certificate of authenticity.
katana Sword http://www.bestkatana.com/Folded-Steel-Katana-c13950/

best katana (01.08.17)
A beautiful well made product.
best katana http://www.handmadesamurai.com/

this is a great looking sword and based on the sword alone it was good. Mine got damaged in shipping because the box it was shipped in was too small, so the hilt end is "rubbed" and the blade is very difficult to get out of the scabbard. I hope that they can fix this for me. If they can, then i'd change this to a 5 star. :)
katana http://www.trueswords.store/Sword-300-500-c13580/

Its cold steel. Nuff said
Tanto Swords For Sale http://www.bestkatana.com/tanto-c13952/

I chop full branches worth it ...it was sweet my boy was like omg be careful of cleansing tool I th ought I was gonna die with the glass sheds in the powder patch
wakizhasi http://www.handmadesamurai.com/Wakizashi-Swords-c13149/

With this item being used-in good condition, I expected to see some evidence of use but this Katana came to me in like-new condition. I received more than what I expected and I am very satisfied. *What would be really useful, for shopping, would be to have a link to specifically select "warehouse deals" to be able to browse everything that is available in the warehouse deals department.
authentic samurai swords for sale http://www.bestswords.club/Clay-Tempered-Katana-c13669/

there isn't much that this thing can't cut through
Swords Bags For Sale http://www.bestswords.club/Swords-Bags-c13680/

It is a great weapon.
japanese samurai swords http://www.trueswords.store/Sword-300-500-c13580/

japanese katana (04.09.17)
well built, looks incredible, im no samurai, but i feel like i could fight off an angry moose with this.
japanese katana http://www.handmadesamurai.com/Shinken-Katana-c13147/

As far as a practice sword I have no clue if it is a good one or not, but as a kid's toy it is great. Well my nephew loves it, but I'm not sure if my sister and brother-in-law have the same feelings. He can ninja chop whatever he wants to now and not have to worry about his sword breaking.
katana for sale http://www.japaneseswords.club/Clay-Tempered-Japanese-Sword-c13267/

Seems to be extremely durable.
japanese Nodachi http://www.bestswords.club/Nodachi-c13779/

Honestly I love it I just got it today, it's a beautiful sword nice and sturdy but there's a few minor problems (which is why I only give 4 stars) 1.) one of the clips for the belt is broken 2.) the blade is slanted to the right a bit. Other than those minor problems i love this sword a lot.
Tsukas for sale http://www.japaneseswords.club/Tsukas-c13278/

Definitely not the quality I expected from a lower price sword, an ingenious design as well. The blade also came surprisingly sharp compared to others I have purchased in the past.
Ninja Sword For Sale http://www.bestkatana.com/Dragaon-Tiger-Square-Tauba-Ninja-Sword-Sharpend-Blade-

Seems awesome. Using it for practice and meditation, i love it.
Best Sword http://www.bestkatana.com/promotion/Sword-300-500-21515/

japanese swords (05.09.17)
It comes as discribed no complaints here although it did say china on it and not musashi comes with certificate of authinticity
japanese swords http://www.trueswords.store/Sword-200-300-c13578/

I bought this sword and it came razor sharp. It is a beautiful sword and you can tell that it is a good quality sword. I had some questions when I bought the sword and I was impressed by the customer service. They get back to you right away and that's an important part of doing business to me. I actually bought another sword from Ryan because of it.
Nodachis http://www.japaneseswords.club/Nodachi-Swords-c13778/

i was very impressed on the quality of this katana, its the first sword i have ever purchased and i would definitely buy from this company again. it arrived here quicker than expected and nothing was wrong with it. very, very pleased with this sword
Tsuba For Sale http://www.bestswords.club/Tsuba-c13677/

Best looking sword I have.
cool swords http://www.handmadesamurai.com/Tanto-Swords--c13148/

I purchased this Katana to protect myself from zombies. You can imagine my disappointment when shipping was so slow that zombies had killed my whole family before it finally got to me. However, when it finally got here I was very impressed with the attention to detail. It is very sharp and light weight. The colors are beautiful. I have already used it to kill 7 zombies. One of which was the UPS man who had me sign for it. I didn't get a good look at him before I struck, but he appears to have turned back into a human after my fatal blow. I am currently hiding in a window well and spying on the zombies to learn their ways. When the time is right, I will strike. 5/5 would buy again!
samurai armor http://www.japaneseswords.club/

Best Sword (06.09.17)
This sword is an amazing piece of work and art. It has a simple yet beautiful design and the quality of the blade itself is fantastic for the price that I got it for. The sheath is made of a strong wood and the handle's design in elegant yet simple. I would recommend this sword for anyone who is looking for a blade not just for decoration but to fend of trespassers.
Best Sword http://www.bestkatana.com/promotion/Sword-300-500-21515/

This shirasaya sword is a beauty, is very strong. can cut thru bamboo and I'm in love with this sword. I recommend this katana sword who collect o battle to buy it you will love it.
japanese swords for sale http://www.japaneseswords.club/Folded-Steel-Japanese-Sword-c13270/

Nodachi weapons (06.09.17)
Great sword, expecially for the price. The blade looks great and feels very high quality. It came sharp, but not razer sharp. You can still cut paper with it if you wanted.
Nodachi weapons http://www.japaneseswords.club/Nodachi-Swords-c13778/

This Was bought as a cosplay prop weapon and works amazingly
tanto http://www.japaneseswords.club/Tanto-Swords-c13273/

katana to saya (07.09.17)
This sword is an amazing piece of work and art. It has a simple yet beautiful design and the quality of the blade itself is fantastic for the price that I got it for. The sheath is made of a strong wood and the handle's design in elegant yet simple. I would recommend this sword for anyone who is looking for a blade not just for decoration but to fend of trespassers.
katana to saya http://www.japaneseswords.club/Saya-c13279/

I was looking for a solid, practical sword for self defense purposes. After scouring Amazon, this is where I decided to take my chances. I am VERY pleased! This sword is definitely well made. I have no doubt it will hold up if and when I need to fully utilize it's potential. Solidly sharp edge out of the box. A little heavier than I had expected, but this is my first katana. The balance is slightly forward, but has a fantastic overall feel and great look. For the price, I couldn't be happier! I have full confidence this is capable of taking an intruders arm clean off.
katana sword for sale http://www.japaneseswords.club/Folded-Steel-Japanese-Sword-c13270/

I have this for a couple days when the rubbery band above the hand guard just cracked and fell off. But, its not that big of a deal because the hand guard is still secure. I am still very happy with the purchase.
Wakizashi Sword for sale http://www.japaneseswords.club/Wakizashi-Swords-c13271/

Naginata Sword (13.09.17)
Cold Steel does it again. Everything I have bought from Cold Steel has exceeded my expectations and more. You can never go wrong with cold steel.
Naginata Sword http://www.japaneseswords.club/Naginata-Swords-c13274/

Wakizashi (13.09.17)
Awesome sword. Very sharp. Includes cleaning kit which is a plus due to the caliper of weapon this is. Good job guys. A+++.
Wakizashi http://www.japaneseswords.club/Wakizashi-Swords-c13271/

I love this sword. I have four now.
Chinese Swords http://www.bestswords.club/Chinese-Sword-c13676/

Folded Steel katana (14.09.17)
Great for messing around in the yard but if you want a practice Wakazashi, a traditional wood Bokken will be better
Folded Steel katana http://www.japaneseswords.club/Folded-Steel-Japanese-Sword-c13270/

Although slow shipping, the sword was really nice looking and very shape :)
real sword http://www.bestswords.club/Swords-Bags-c13680/

This is my third katana and I instantly love this one the most. It is heavier than the others but the balance makes it feel perfect. All the fittings are tight and beautiful. The scabbard fits tightly too(actually too tight, but it will loosen over time). It arrived with light oil on it, but I found 1 spot of rust(about 2mm long by .25mm wide - tiny) that I will sand off before I sharpen. Oh yeah, it has an edge but I wouldn't call it sharp. It wouldn't pass the paper test out of the box, which is fine by me because I like to sharpen by blade myself. Looks like the images. I would have liked if it had come with a certificate about its HRC rating. Came with a blue cloth cover bag. I planned to take off the handle and give the blade a black satin rustoleum coat, but it is so beautiful I'm not sure if I will now.
katana Saya http://www.japaneseswords.club/Saya-c13279/

I own many swords and this is one of my top. This is not the cheap crap you get on Budk and similar sites, yet relatively inexpensive. I could write a long list of pro's, but I'll make it simple. You will not be disappointed. I was so impressed that I've already ordered the 1060 version of this sword.
Chinese Sword For Sale http://www.bestswords.club/Chinese-Sword-c13676/

Nodachi (27.09.17)
I think it's a great value. good quality no just the bald but also the handle. How this be so inexpenisive
Nodachi http://www.japaneseswords.club/Nodachi-Swords-c13778/

I have many Katanas and this one is my absolute favorite of all in this price ranage; and note it is a great value and should cost far more. Everything is real and it is truly combat ready. Beautiful in its simplicity. Magnificient piece of work. I bought another. Great feel. Buy! You will not be disipointed; don't try and save $20-$40 on a far lessor sword, once you hold this one you will be glad you didn't go cheap.
best katana http://www.japaneseswords.club/1095-Steel-Samurai-Sword-c13268/

Absolutely authentic and made from the traditional methods of Japanese sword making. It is very sharp and ready for a Samurai. This sword is museum quality and we are proud to have it in our collection.
japanese sword bags http://www.bestswords.club/Swords-Bags-c13680/

showed up fast and its very sharp, good deal for the money
the samurai sword http://www.bestswords.club/Folded-Steel-Katana-c13672/

I own a few swords, this one however is my favorite.
Tsukas http://www.japaneseswords.club/Tsukas-c13278/

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